The Dordogne by canoe-kayak is living the river differently, embellished with cliffs, perched castles and atypical landscapes. Not to mention the many villages classified among the «most beautiful villages of France»: Beaulieu/Dordogne, Carennac, Souillac or Laroque-Gageac and Beynac.

At the corner of an island, small corners of paradise hide, offer yourself the privilege of a wild swim.

2 hour, half day or full day tours are possible

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Discover the paragliding sensations and an extraordinary viewpoint of the Dordogne valley. Tandem flight, initiation or advanced training course accompanied by a state-certified instructor. Possibility of cross-country

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For something a bit different than, discover the most beautiful daylight collection in Europe and one of the most important collections of venomous reptiles presented in France.

Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and some arachnids are waiting for you to change your vision of these often overlooked animals. They were chosen for their beauty, their designs and their colors. Daylight reveals more colors and reflections that do not appear in artificial light. Approach safely, crocodiles, cobras and more than 200 animals.

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