Local Cuisine

The Quercy's walnut

The walnut enjoys the Lot region.

It is here at home and we find it everywhere. Not a village, not a field on the Causse, the Dordogne valley or the Limargue, without quantities of these beautiful trees with large leaves …

Walnuts are the richness of the valleys and hillsides of our department.

Crumbled in a salad, hidden in the heart of the cakes, highlighted by dark and melting chocolate which enhances its warm and full-bodied flavor … Fresh or dry, in shell or in kernels, it will flatter your palate.

Derived from this fruit, walnut oil and walnut water which is one of the traditional alcohols with plum and ratafia.

Walnut oil making demonstrations are organized every summer weekend at Hôpital Saint Jean (1km from the gîte) at “Le Moulin d’Antoine”.

The Truffle

Originally from Périgord, the black truffle is a rare and delicate mushroom that is good to taste for special occasions. Often used by top chefs, black truffles have an excellent reputation in the world of gastronomy. However, this mushroom is fragile and its powerful aromas are volatile, so how to cook this exceptional food well?

We invite you to come and find out!

The Rocamadour cheese

This small, round and flat whole goat’s cheese made from whole raw milk is part of the illustrious family of cabécous which means in the Oc language, “little goat cheese”. It was also called for a long time, “Cabécou de Rocamadour” before keeping only the name of this village located in the center of the Appellation. It is really difficult to resist this little creamy cheese of which we only make two bites. Generously spread on a slice of lightly toasted bread, it is a concentrate of pleasure.

Last but not least...

Home-made honey.

We are apicultors!

“La Mique”

Duck in all its forms…